Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In Demand.

Anywhere in the world of architecture and design today, employers are seeking for potential people with relevant skills in the architecture and design industry. This is due to the demands of clients who not only want to see mere concept and wordings, but they demand for computer-aided visuals so that they are able to perceive an idea and bring it to perspective. This way, you are able to convince your clients to your thinking and ideas.

AMUSO is always working towards to meet the demands of individuals who attempt to enhance their core skills in their respective industry by offering them specifically designed courses. We strive to help our students to be the forefront of their respective position in their company. With determination from students and collaboration with our highly-experienced, dedicated trainers, we believe nothing is impossible.

On-site training, corporate training, house coaching - we have them all in AMUSO. We provide up-to-date syllabus to equip our students with cutting-edge skills by the end of the short course.

Our training school offers a huge diversity of software training courses ranging from graphic design-based softwares such as Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator to architectural and design-based  softwares by Autodesk such as 3D Studio Max and Autocad which are widely used among the architects and interior designers around the world today. In addition to that, we have Sketchup Podium and web design softwares such as Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effect and Adobe Dreamweaver.

For more information on the course(s) we offer, kindly visit www.amuso.com.my. If you wish to download our course(s) syllabus, please register to log in as a member.